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Is this a truck or a commercial? I bet someday, companies will use video instead of still images to advertise on the road.
Instant motor home. Just add bungee!
No, I don't want it to match the rest of the car. In fact, can you make a bunch of polka dots? And make it look real sloppy too.
Trying to be like my car.
Antlers abound
New for 2008, it's the Expression... by Picasso.
The only real clue that this used to be a vehicle is the wheel that remains.
They didn't even include a photo. (Use your imagination here) Note to the novice car buyer: "Needs a little TLC" really means "Burns oil, leaks tranny fluid, the wheels sometimes fall off"
I scanned this off of a post card. I couldn't seem to find the copyright owner. If you own the copyright and don't approve of your lovely photo being here, let me know.
Look, isn't this supposed to be one of the safest cars? Well, we just wouldn't be getting our money's worth, unless we put it to the test.
See if you can guess what this is. Click here for the answer
Look what's hanging off the back of this thing. I guess we can assume it's not a girl truck.
Wipe that look off your face kid, or I'll use my bumper to do it!
I'm at a loss for words.
Cheep Jerokee
Down in the dumps.
Schizophrenic's paint job.
I think the handicapped plate was issued for the vehicle, not the driver!
Cool plate.
The getaway truck.
PEON? You don't need to tell me. I can see that by looking at the car!
More non-matching antlers.
I bet he's hauling the Constitution in the back of the truck!
I bet they get attacked by bees all the time!
No comment needed to induce laughter.
This car actually runs. It's right next to me on the freeway!
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