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I almost got a car like this from a relative. Good thing I didn't, or it might look like this by now!
Who needs Bondo... when a little bubble gum will do the trick?
From new car to beater... in record time!
I'm speechless.
How's you're driving? Just fine. It's the guy behind you I'm worried about!
Coolest car in the world NOT!
Windshield by Glad(tm)
This is the vehicle that all the other vehicles make fun of.
I would've used transparent packaging tape. But hey, that's just me.
You're supposed to shut your engine off when filling the gas tank. You're also supposed to check the oil once in a while so you don't blow your engine!
What's missing from this photo? That's right...a proper burial.
Check it out. It's a Crayola pickup truck!
After reaching its half-life, this car gracefully begins the decomposition process.
Bungee Mania!
I bet the cops throw the book at this guy when they pull him over!
his is pretty interesting. They wrote backwards on this car. I think that's so after you back into it, you can check your rear view mirror to read what it used to say as you're driving away.
I'm pretty sure that, if I wanted to build a Bat Mobile, I'd make it black!
To my astonishment, it appears that a 300zx is capable of withstanding a collision with a pack of double-ply toilet paper!
Just a little duct tape can go a long way!
But with a little duct tape AND some plaster of paris, you can make any car look like new!
Looks like duct tape alone is not enough to hold the fender on! Definately a job for packaging tape!
Here's a honda that spun wildly out of control and wound up on someone's front lawn! I guess that's what happens when you wind them up too much!!! It's probably not the girl's car, cause she's smiling. It's probably not the cop's car or the tow truck driver's car. That leaves two guys. It's probably not the one in his pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Hmmm. That leaves one guy.
I can't really tell if this is a vacuum cleaner or a carpet shampooer. Whichever it is, it sure looks like it would do one heck of a job!
Is this a Gremlin or a Pacer? Ask me if I care!
I think this used to be a Volkswagen
Funny license plate
"Mom, have you seen my roller skate?" "Yes, it's in the parking lot!"
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