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This is Archie, spokescar for beaters everywhere! Be sure to see Edith, Gloria and Meathead too!

The other end of the rainbow!



Rear perspective



Look at my vinyl roof. A big thanks to the people at Armor-All! That stuff really works miracles!

Front Chevy emblem

Driver's seat

Night time shot of my hood - Look at that dirt buildup! Note the clean spot where I close the hood

Inside of door - Impala emblem

Holes I drilled to tie my trunk shut years ago

Another Impala emblem

Here's a photo I shot of the Afghan countryside.'s my roof!

Not where I'd want to be when my car is in motion

Pepsi Corporation quietly enters the aftermarket business

Rear Chevy emblem

Shattered high beam

Rear left frame disaster - The frame was split when I bought the car. You can see my failed attempt to fix it with a bracket. You can also see the string I used to hold it together. The last thing to look for is the little rust colored area. This is where I had it welded (even though it's not aligned where it's supposed to be). The one thing you can't see is the c-clamp I fixed it with. That fell off the car never to be seen again

Broken door handle - This is what happens when you get in and out of a car 32 million times!

The one clean thing on the outside of my car

Clip formerly used to fasten the side molding

Brake booster - note the spillage of brake fluid. It's a brand new master cylinder. I just don't get it!

Trunk interior years ago.

Trunk interior today


Interior - front

Interior - rear

Trunk lock

Nice engine pic See if you can spot the one new part in there

Same engine pic zoomed out a bit

Pic of the steel cable used to hold the right side of the bumper on the car The alligator clip serves no purpose. I found it and just stuck it on there

Pic of the steel cable used to hold the left side of the bumper on the car

The car's butt!

Windshield - Note the silicone I used on the outside to prevent the water from getting inside!

I think that this corner of the car has seen more trauma than the rest of the car

I'm not sure which part of my car this is, however there's no question but that it is part of my car!

Artsy shot

Another artsy shot
A photo of my car next to a few of of the only cars which are longer than mine!

The underside. Things to look for: Missing tranny cover, leaky tranny, leaky engine, leaky brakes, new ball joint, new spring, new shock, new caliper, new proportioning valve, missing emergency brake cable.
My car in the desert
My new license plate!
Here's what my car might look like if I got it painted! Photos from my car's first show! Airbrushed Rendering of the car Car Caricature. done at the Arizona State Fair 2002 More Recent Photos!


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