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Close-up of hi-tech Waterproofing
Emission Control Sticker
Something about the cooling system. Can't quite make it out.
Wheel well and brake booster.
Doesn't this look like a view from the Hubble telescope? It's a photo of my other wheel well!
Only the 3rd time I ever opened the hood. (Just kidding)
Footprints from Hooptie Show on trunk!
Powered by AMD!
Look what happened from driving with American flags on the window. What I won't do for my country...
I like these. If you find a brand new set for sale, let me know!
Damage from hitting a Mustang.
The front of the car
More desert scenery on the car!
There was some touch up paint here when I bought the car. Looks like it's finally all gone!
Another shot of the AMD sticker
Look at the size of that scratch!
Bumper sticker and license plate.
Another view of the footprints
I finally upgraded to Coke! If you made it this far, you must really be enjoying yourself. Check out this page for even more entertainment!


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