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Accident after the show!! As I was pulling out of the show, a small white car backed into my bumper! He was only going about 0.03 mph. I almost didn't even notice. And I was about to just drive away. But isn't that like hit & run or something? I figured I should get out and officially acknowledge the collision. So I got out and saw that he hit the side of my rear bumper because there was a small piece of white paint on my bumper, and a small piece of white paint missing from his bumper. So, to finalize the deal, I scraped the paint off my bumper and brought it to the other driver and asked if he needed it back. He said "No." I think he just wanted to get on my collisions page so he could say he crashed into the world's most famous Impala. Sorry, but you'd have to hit me a little harder than 0.03 mph to make my collisions page. Nice try though. Imagine if he had backed into any of the other cars at the show!! He was lucky that he picked the one car just didn't matter!!! Broke down on the way home. More great photos: My Car, Funny Cars, Crashed Cars, Brokedown Cars, Old Cars, Car Shows
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