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What a waste of a car. Get that thing out on the road. Hit some curbs.. go through some potholes!
When I first glanced at this car, I thought it was an Impala. Shame on me!!
Parked in the same spot as one above, at another time though, of course. Quite the patriotic duo!
Another classic T-Bird
Another classic Vette
A not so classic Vette
Another classic T-Bird I almost got a nice photo of the front of this car, but that stupid mazda got in my way!
Reminds me of a Monte Carlo. IS a Monte Carlo.
Runner-up for ownsership of
Only caught a glimpse of this as it was driving away.
Not too bad...considering it's a ford
Feeling a little blue...
This might be a good color to paint my car.
For Sale
I bet there's quite a story behind this mess!
Any bigger, and this would be called a bus!
This guy drove kinda fast. Well, actually he's stopped here, but other than that, he drove pretty fast.
Smart move. They're hard to steal when you park a car behind them!!
Not a great photo, but it's a pretty neat car.
If Chevrolet didn't exist, maybe I'd drive one of these.
What my car will likely look like after another 30 years!!
Similar style to the car to the left, except for the paint job!!
The one car in the history of ford motor co. that took a beating as bad as my car and didn't end up in the junk yard! Gee, I hope I didn't jinx it! Hehe.
Pink Rambler
As the license plate would suggest, the owner of this truck worked on a destroyer escort ship. He said it was sunk with him on board in WWII by an enemy torpedo!
My Dad had a Grand Prix years ago. He thought it was cool that it had his initials (GP) all over it.
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