My Trip To Historic Philadelphia! June 2005 Previous Page Ride The Ducks Bus/Boat Tour! This was a lot of fun. They give you a quacker and you get to ride around Philly in a boat, quacking at people.
Our tour guide, one proud quacker.
Post Office Museum
The streets of Philly
"YMCA" was playing on the radio here. You can see a few people trying to make the letters with their arms.
The Ben Franklin bridge. I think this was that bridge that Ben Franklin built so he could cross the Delaware into Boston to beat George Washington's butt at the Alamo. But hey, history was never my strong point, so I could be wrong.
The building used in Ghost Busters
Fellow quackers.
Transients Welcome? Boy, you don't see that too many places. Yet I saw no transients. Maybe there's none left!
Wave runner waving at us.
Our bus entering the water.
I drove by this sign later and there was an advertisement duct-taped next to it.
Another History lesson: This is where Sean Penn landed his helicopter when he invaded Normandy, or something.
Nice looking Starbucks.
Someone needs to tell this guy the Revolution has ended.
The Betsy Ross House Contrary to popular belief, she did not design the first American flag. But she did sew the first one.
Elvis, Charlie Chaplin and The Blues Brothers!
Look, the Ben Franklin bridge is as rusty as my cars!
Flat Tire
This was funny. I was trying to get a photo of the guy's funny bike. Instead, I ended up with a very nice mural photo.
Flag Stuff
Miscellaneous Stuff China Town!
The Betsy Ross Bridge
Philadelphia Parking Ticket!
Accident or something.
Beater Astro Van
Every car that drives next to this truck makes wide turns. Interesting.
Philly Skyline
New Jersey Cadillacs
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