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Infiniti. Yeah, that's about what it'll cost to get fixed!
Doesn't it look like this car is crying?
Well, it's a pretty color anyway.
It's amazing this thing still drives!
Nothing a little plastic surgery can't fix.
Nice old Nova. Shame it's been brutalized so bad!
The quality of this photo isn't too good. But you can still see that the back of this truck is sticking out of the windshield of the car behind it.
Gee! Oh!
Owner's Manual page 87: Don't park on train tracks.
I bet this truck still runs, but it must be tough to see over the hood
Are there any cars left that haven't been hit yet?
Car for sale, but please don't look at this side of it until after you buy it
I didn't do it...I swear!
Another car for sale. If you can make out the phone number (and are attracted to the lovely damage on the rear) give 'em a call!
Since I know the owner of this vehicle, I won't say anything mean...except that he should probably learn how to drive.
Another car assaulted by a shopping cart
It's not so bad... only a quarter of the car is totalled...
This car had a temporary plate on it, like they just bought it. i wonder if it crashed before or after they bought it!
Chevy Power!
It's not so bad... only a quarter of the car is totalled...
You can't win 'em all.
Hey, they can't stay new forever!
Yes, breathe right into the tube.
Check it out... This cop is doing the Hokey Pokey!
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