Steve's KettcarSnow buggy- toboggan-sled thing's Ride
ok~~~ what we have here is a 1995-ish Kettcar. this was mine and my brother's when we were younger, but last year i stripped all of the pedal-car stuff (pedals, chain, chain guard) off of it, so i could use it to go down the hills in the summer. well, then when the snow came i tried it with the snow. Didnt work out so well, the wheels just kinda dug in. Got alot of attention though. so this summer a couple of people were throwing awaysome dishwashers, so i went over and stripped off the aluminum panels for scrap to make some extra $$$, but ended up using some of them instead on this thing, they are all bent by me, using s peice of fire wood and using a tree as an anvil for shaping , then attached them with all- perpose screws and some bolts i had laying around. the front of the back panel is held on by a wood peice of a loading skid. Everyone else i knew who had a kettcar as a kid got rid of it years ago. this is a true Stillruns! these pics are from after we pelted it with old tomatos and dirt clumps. this thing really gonna get some attention this year!check out the last 2 pics~ represent!!! u rock dave!!!


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