Cory Snow's Ride
In a couple of days, I will be getting my 4 door 67 legal, and using to get around. This is a pretty cool story so I thought I'd share it. I originally traded a 75 delta 88 4 door to some demo derbiers for the 67. This was in Cleburne Tx. We didnt have a trailer available, and the top of the engine, EVERYTHING but the pass side head was in the back seat, even the lifters. It had sat in their field or someone elses for about 6 or 7 years like this. So We ended up towing to Ft Worth on a tow strap.... This was made possible by the perfectly working brakes.... yes, I used the 67 with 4 wheel drums to stop a 90's chevy truck for over 60 miles. Someone had gone to the trouble to paint the drums, red in front and blue in back. The first thing I noticed was that the suspension seemed to be working great... no steering pull, wheels aligned perfectly, and no bouncy bouncy from the lack of shocks... cool! Then I noticed the speedo worked without any waver whatsoever. So when I got it home, I bought a gasket set, and put everything in the back seat back onto the motor, except I went to the junk yard and got a 4 bbl non egr manifold for it. (which happened to be just sitting in the bed of a truck, the first truck I looked in!)After cleaning the old plugs, and setting the points, it fired right up!!! And the powerglide went right in gear. Well, I ended up trading it back for a driver from the same people.... but I drove it to cleburne that time, heh. Well, I started missing it, so I went back and asked what cash they'd take for it... she said $300. So I bought it back, and yesterday I replaced the regulator, fixed the tail light wiring, put a new ignition switch in it, and now all it needs is tires and inspection to be a perfectly drivable car. The heat works, and I have the original AC compressor if I want to install it later. The bad parts; The trunk floor is rusted thru badly. I can see the gas tank... very well. The front 2 floors will have to be patched too. Any suggestions on cheap fixes for the trunk? Otherwise the body is very straight.... and painted 3 different colors. Someon tried to start sanding it at one point.... I guess they gave up. Well, here is a pic, so you can see her for yourself. I just sold my other car... so this one will be my daily driver for at least a while. Oh and btw most of the chrome was in the trunk

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