Mpeg Videos of the cars! Archie - Edith - Gloria - Meathead Windows Screensavers Desktop Wallpapers Video Of Archie Running Over Stuff! Emission Test 2005!! Video of Archie's engine (600 KB Windows Media) Video of Archie burning rubber! (171 KB Windows Media) Spend some time in my trunk Part 1 (9 MB Windows Media) Part 2 (9 MB Windows Media) Watch a 71 Impala crash into a ford pinto!!! (600KB)
Literature and Promotional Stuff!! Brochure Poster Postcard Parts List Ordering Form Dealer video (27 MB Windows Media) Road Test report Magazine Advertisements
10 Millionth Impala!
Photo galleries Animation of my car filmed from atop a mountain! High Quality Stereo Wave Files!!! Horn|Starter|Hood Closing|Hood Opening|Engine See The USA In Your Chevrolet (1.3 MB mp3) "Piece of Crap" Neil Young Live Random Sound Clips This is why I don't use high octane gas! 1 MB Mpeg Video Kaboom! GM Desert Proving Ground 50th Anniversary Videos Special Feature: VIDEO I FILMED OF AN ACCIDENT TAKING PLACE! 1972 Song of the Day! (Jerry Garcia, Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie, Crosby Stills, Nash & Young,
Deep Purple, Yes, Jethro Tull, The Rolling Stones and more!)
TV & MOVIE SCENES WITH OLD IMPALAS AND CAPRICES! Starman James Bond 007 - Live And Let Die Over The Egde 100 Kilos Smokey And The Bandit Spy Game Michael Mc Q Major League Raising Arizona Repo Man Ted Bundy Police Academy Problem Child Forrest Gump Seinfeld '73 Impala In The News TV Commercial For The City Bus Trick Daddy on MTV Cribs Brady Bunch

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