May 11, 2008 Trip to Irvine, CA to see Rush in concert! Signage & Such
In-N-Out Burger!

Upside down sign
Car to my left is in the left turn lane. Note the sign that says No Left Turn. Then why have a left turn lane?

I'm sorry folks but this is kinda fuked up
Nuclear Generating station. The sign is so radioactive it is green!
Ford Dry Lake This is where Fords go when they dry up.
L.A. only a bazillion more miles
Lol. Rice Rd. This is where they grow rice burners!
Getting closer
These 2 signs are always funny together
Getting closer
Tesla Rocks
Call Box. They still have these after the advent of the cel phone?
Pacific Coast Highway!
Intake Blvd/Needles This is where you stop if you need a carburetor or a needle valve.
This is where they make Buicks
Welcome home! Only 150 more miles to go!
Isn't this obvious?
Does this include mothers-in-law?
I bet nobody adheres to this

Where to buy tires

Almost home!
Wait, now I'm further from home?
And even further. What happened?
$18 Small Domino's Pizza. Ouch.
Brokedown Stuff

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