Show your support by donating a little money!

All money will go toward my cars or this website!! Added to the site on Dec. 14, 2001,

I have received a total of $217.72! Who will be the next generous soul to donate? Is it you?

With the donations I received so far,
I purchased a personalized license plate for the car!

I am also accepting donations of new or used parts for my car!
Please e-mail me if you have any parts which might fit on my car!!
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You will not regret your decision to

better my car and its website!


Here's just a few of the things your

generous donations may one day provide:

Body work/paint job.

New interior.

New vinyl roof!

Wheel covers.


Things I will not use the money for:

Insurance, registration, emission test.

Sex, drugs, booze.

Traffic tickets.

Funding terrorism.



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