(1st Annual?) KDKB Piece of S#*T Car Contest! January 17, 2008 Scottsdale, Arizona In was an honor to be part of this potentially annual event. I was not the winner of the POS car contest, but I did win some Kid Rock tickets for Feb 2nd! Sold them on Ebay for $500! Some crappy cars on the way to the contest!
Here's a shirt I whipped up for the occassion because the contest was intended to poke fun at the Barrett Jackson auction which is in town this week. (and yes, I bought beater-jackson.com!) Archie and his zany antics
This is worth a closer look!
1976 pinto wagon. This car caught fire earlier in the day but managed to make it in time for the contest. The car features missing windows for improved ventilation, a bicycle in the back for emergency road side assistance and also features both "Drive" AND "Reverse"!
This guy had a lot to say about his truck. It drives 100 miles every day. It's rusted out pretty bad. You can pull the bed of the truck right off of the frame with your bare hands. He said he has a 71 Monte Carlo SS in his garage with low original mileage. That's cool.
Info about the truck
Moe from the 3 stooges!
This car didn't look like a POS when it arrived, but a little while later, it overheated and dropped a bunch of coolant on the ground. That should have won them the contest!
This is kinda bad ass.
This is totally bad ass!
Another wimi car
Major body damage; I was nervous about competing against this thing.
This truck could have been a contender, what with its wheels that are worth more than the truck.
Two more beat up trucks
I think this used to be a Chevy
And here we have it folks, the winner of the POS car contest!
This guy wasn't in the contest but he parked near all the other cars. Maybe he WAS in the contest...???
Other stuff Hogs
Hearses from Kaos Funeral Cars and Will It Make It
Casket Cooker!!!!

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