Chevrolet Impalas that will never run

The two 1972 Chevrolet Impalas above will probably never run again. They are resting in a classic car junk yard called Old Car City USA in White Georgia. This is the largest known Classic Car Junk Yard. Over 3,000 Photos of these cars can be viewed at The two pictures classic parts cars above were taken in 2003.

Here is a 1959 impala covered with pine straw. This car appears to be mostly complete with many good parts still left. There have been 12 people that have posted comments on this old car that can be seen at 11 out of 12 say its a 1959 impala.

Here is a 1962 Impala Convertible Super Sport resting in a classic car junkyard. This Classic Car does not have may parts left. Most of the body is there, but the car has been robbed of all its power train and suspension. Many people say this old car is a 1962 Impala Super Sport from the trim that is on it. After reviewing the rear photo, I see an SS emblem on the Deck Lid. Perhaps it is an original 409 car, This Car and other Classic Parts Cars can bee seen at

This 1965 SS Impala has a Sweet Gum Tree growing between the bumper and the core support. It is interesting that the trees never seem to lift the car up. Many of these classic cars are rotting away and were salvaged at low prices in the late 1970's due to high gas prices. Some are angry at these auto salvage yards owners for letting these rare muscle cars rot, but they were actually saved from the crusher. Many Classic Auto Salvage yards can be located at

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