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This Nova looks escpecially good parked next to my car!
Dark tinted if we can't figure out what's going on inside the car by the presence of the baggie outside the car!
70? 71? 72? How can you tell?
Batman's other car!
Didn't even notice the Malibu Classic wagon until I edited the photo!
El Capickuptruck
Good car. Bad photo.
Wonderful White Waggin'
This guy wasn't too crazy about me taking his car's photo. Good thing I didn't tell him it was going to become world famous!!
Not quite a Malibu or Chevelle. Almost looks a little like a mustang!
The grass is definately greener!
The good old Red, Chrome and Blue!!
Hiding from the camera.
Nice color scheme
Cute graphics
Looks like a real workhorse
Mean Machine!
Restorable for sure...
Doesn't this look a little like a shark?
My camera wasn't big enough to get the whole thing...
Though it looks like quite worn, I imagine it's still faster than most cars
A really great car.
Not bad.
Wanna race?
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