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1969 Chevelle

Mileage: 3000

Location: Louisiana


Up for sale is a 69 Chevelle. First of all, the engine is a 71 - 72 402 big block with some close chamber heads and a mild street cam. Had machine work done on the block and heads. The block was bored .30 and was decked. Have installed reconditioned rods and unviersal dome pistions in it. Heads had like 10,000 miles on it when I have got them and had them milled just to be safe. Along with the heads, I put 2.18 intake and 1.88 exhaust valves. After that, the crank has been cut 10/10. Has a 400 Turbo short tail tranny ( that was installed in Jan. ), also a brand new 4 core radaitor installed. With the rear end its a posi running 3.08s. The suspension is rebuilt along with disc brakes and body mounts. Bought some NOS front fenders, primed and installed them on the car. Well now with the car. I dont like surprises and I bet that you dont either. The car will need quarters, floor(s) including trunk pan, a decklid, rear tail panel and a rear bumper. The car includes extra gauges ( speedo and fuel ), door panels( front and rear ), an extra short block 402 ( with pistons and crank still in it ), tail len(s), grille extensions ( LH and RH ) with molding and a SS hood with the grille(s). I have like over $8000.00 in recipts just on the driveline, plus suspension. The car doesnt have even 3500 miles on it. I am looking to sell it for a reasonable price. I am moving in December and dont want it to sit for like 10 years. Would be a waste, I would say. Make an offer who knows you might be driving off with a Chevelle.

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