2nd Annual Chevy Power Show Falcon Field - Mesa, AZ October 16, 2004 Next Page - Previous Page She didn't think she would win an award. But here she is accepting it. Good job! Not the first time she won an award for this car....won't be the last...
This is the car that followed me to the Auto Zone show after this show. Funny story about that. As we pulled into the Auto Zone parking lot, a guy there tried flagging the Biscayne into the (limited) area for parking the show cars. But I wanted to be in the show too. So I snagged the spot, leaving just about enough room for the Biscayne to squeeze in. The Auto Zone guy apologized to the Biscayne owner, saying "Sorry, I didn't know he (meaning me) was going to park there". What he should have done was apologized to me for not flagging me into that spot, seeing as how I entered the parking lot first. I mean...what am I...chopped liver? HEHE
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