1973 Chevy Impala Hello, my name is Jay. This is a 1973 Chevy Impala. It is pretty much a brand new 30 year old car. It has a 400 small block under the hood. Only slight modification though. Intake, carb, and exhaust, high volume oil pump, double roller timing chain, and it has been converted over to a HEI ignition system rather then points. Its drive train consists of a 350 turbo transmission and it has a nice hefty 373 posi rear, with a set of 255, 60 series tires in the back for some well needed traction. Between the torque of the engine and them gears, she jumps pretty good from a light. It has a two stage paint, with 2 pearls. The base coat is a dark midnight purple, and the pears are blue and black. If you wanna know anything more just ask me. Jay E-MAIL JAY: Acemechanic73@aol.com

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